We believe that the dynamic beauty of Art has the power to transcend race, color, religion, and class... connecting humanity.


Bridging Pop Culture and Spirituality.

Save Our Souls is a dynamic platform designed to amplify alignment and engage subscribers in a one of a kind community. The online gallery fuels our 5013C mission to create a sustainable culture of giving through donations, raffles, giveaways and auctions directlyto our primary benefit partners.

This Kelly Slater Surfboard painted by Retna is part of a series of collaborative pieces linking some of the greatest athletes in the surf and skate community, and incredible artists from all over the world.

There’s a fine line between mental health and spirituality.

The Aciste Vision: To live in a world where radical acceptance of spiritual experiences is encouraged, supported and understood.

The current paradigm of traditional diagnosis and treatment through pathology is a closed system unable to acknowledge spirituality. We are creating a network of educators, mental health professionals, researchers, and people passionate for spiritual understanding. Creating a community of those that give their gifts wholeheartedly to leave the Earth a better place than we found it. Help fund the clinical trials and engage with the docu series to get it to university studies.

“The stories never told, the questions never asked, with the answers we have all been waiting for.”
–  Yolaine Stout, Aciste Founder

Turning Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs



The act of giving is an awakening. Through active community outreach, inspiring events, and instrumental speakers and one of a kind art based fundraising Save Our Souls is a conduit for consciousness. We champion causes that will create the biggest impact to those most in need.


A Collective of global change-makers that are facing unprecedented times.

Our perception of these events goes beyond what we see, it resonates from our hearts.

Save Our Souls is a bridge to love and light that exists within each and every one of us.

We are all one tribe living on this beautiful Earth and the unifying force that brings us all together is love.